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The health and well-being of our fellow fencers and the fencing community is of utmost importance. Everyone and their families have had to make significant sacrifices over the past year during the pandemic.  As our local, regional, national, and international competitions begin re-open, we at LiveSpot want to welcome everyone back to the sport with a Re-Opening Sale, up to 20% in discounts! Stay safe and happy fencing!




























BladeTruth Project

Come check out an ongoing side project about BF foil blades here!

The Zagunis Review!

With Live Spot’s continued exposure within the fencing community, we’ve had the opportunity to speak with Cathy Zagunis (US Fencing’s Saber Squad Manager) who recently used Live Spot at the World Cup in Athens to help fencers including gold medalist Mariel Zagunis, pass FIE’s strict lame standards. She was kind enough to offer some comments and feedback on the product, which prompted us to reach out to the wider audience. For those who’ve had a chance to try the product out, how have you liked it? What worked well and didn’t? How can we make the product better? Your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated, please send via email to

Some feedback from Cathy below!

Glad I had them along at the World Cup in Athens last weekend. The weapons check personnel were very exact in testing lames and many failed. I used all the samples you sent me sharing with fencers from many countries. They were so happy to have their lames pass and amazed that your product was so easy to apply with no sewing! I now ordered more to have with me at all times. Thank you for your innovation!

Daria Schneider used a small patch under her arm pit. It held up fine thru pools and her DE on day 2 but then fell off in her luggage on the way home. As a note in her case, she first rubbed the area with a wet paper towel to hopefully increase conductivity to pass but it did not pass so the lame was still damp when she applied it.

Mariel Zagunis‘ lame was one that didn’t pass under the armpit!  She had a new spare lame but wanted to wear her lucky one and glad she DID wear the lucky one that day! …Although it held up fine through the competition, when she got home it had turned green and actually leached the green onto her lame. It is in the arm pit so I am sure it is a result of sweating but it is interesting that your product is more sensitive to the oxidation.

Happy to support this great product. Thanks again for developing this great product!




What is Live Spot?

Live Spot is a conductive sticker designed to easily patch up non-conductive areas (“dead spots”) that commonly occur on fencing lames. Live Spot is durable, flexible, and the simplest solution to dead spot repair.



Durable, flexible, waterproof, sticky! After several hours of heavy bouting, Live Spot is still holding up perfectly fine. The adhesive has not peeled from sweat or movement, and hits have not penetrated the conductive surface. The lame was also machine washed to confirm durability.


But there’s more…! Live Spot also works perfectly on silky lames such as the Leon Paul Ultralights!


Live Spot is also a perfect fix for dead spots on mask bibs! The sticker is flexible enough to easily contour to the ridges of the bib without falling off.


Also a quick fix for a rusted tab where the mask cord attaches!

20150428_201035Order your Live Spot today! Quantities limited!


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