This is one of the most innovative ideas to come out in a long time for fencing. Live Spot should be in every fencers equipment bag. It can literally save you $100s of dollars at a tournament. If you are a Foil or Sabre fencer, you need this for a quick fix and peace of mind. I have tested it and tried it myself.”
– MN
Club Head Coach
Past National Womens Foil Coach


“…need these stickers for the upcoming Continental Championships and of course the World Championships in our country this summer to be able to do instant repairs for my team and other nations as well because of my experience and reputation for almost 20 years as an armorer and technician. I use your stickers very often to do instant repairs on masks, gloves an electric jackets and even to cover up dead spots and holes on electric pistes because your product works perfectly, is very reliable and long lasting in every way of usage.”
– UD
Chief armorer of German National Fencing Team
Head of SEMI Commission, German Fencing Federation


“Wish I had some of this product in our bag when at our last tournament. In Wisconsin the bib on the mask had a dead spot. I then spent $45.00 to have the bib “fixed”.  I was discussed with the repair work.  The Velcro is rough under the bib and is now scratching the front of my sons lame. I am now in need of a new mask and lame due to the poor repair work. Needless to say, if I had Live-Spot in the bag I could of avoided all of this. I will be stocking up to have Live-Spot in his bag at all tournaments!”
– AV
Fencing mom


“So far, the single patch I used on the shoulder is holding up well.  I was fencing Shawn Hart of VSM the other night and he was purposefully trying to hit the patch to make it rip and was surprised when it didn’t.”
– Privateer

Foil Fencer


“Amazing and creative product. Live Spot gives me a peace of mind about my gear in tournament situations. I will be purchasing more.”
– HN

National Foil Fencer


“To put it simply, Live Spot does the job it is intended to do. There are some limitations, but those can be worked around with a small bit of effort.

1) Conductivity was well within the 5 ohm limit.
2) The glue backing IS conductive.
3) Applying an entire patch DID bring a large dead spot back to life.

Application was easy…I used a brayer (a rubber roller) to make sure the patch was securely down in it’s entirety. I sewed one patch down around the edges (no problem with a machine…hand sewing will probably not be much of an issue).The 2nd patch I put down with a a slight overlap (about half an inch) on the other patch, but otherwise left it alone. The patches sat for about a week before I threw the lame in a washing machine with club jackets to see how the adherence held up. The sewn down patch…no problem…the unsown one did come up a great deal….so it’d be best to sew any patches down as soon as possible after application. The resistance DID go up on the sewn down patch due to abrasion on the material….there was some color loss, which makes me think it’s a chemical wash akin to the early Absolute ultra lights and it was being scrubbed off. Still within the 5 ohm limit, however. Overall, I give the product a B+…and that’s primarily due to the damage done in the wash. I recommend Live Spot and plan to buy more in the future to keep on hand for spot repairs at tournaments.”
– Purple Fencer

Certified Level 3 International Armorer


“I think the idea is excellent and could work for individual fencers who are local / club level fencers. If anyone at our club is looking for a quick fix of their training lame I will make sure to forward them to you.”
– Anonymous

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