1. Is Live Spot legal in USFA and FIE events?
Yes! When applied properly, Live Spot sits flush with the lame surface. There are no pockets or edges that can potentially catch a point. Currently, sewed on lame patches are legal in USFA and FIE events; such patches have a clear tactile edge while Live Spot does not. The resistance is also well within the legal limits of 5 ohms. Live Spot does not break any USFA or FIE law.

2. Who is Live Spot for?
Foil and saber fencers who develop a dead spot on their lame/bib and are in need of a quick fix. Club owners who have several lames that require repairing. Anyone who has a lame to repair, but don’t want to buy an expensive new one or spend the time and energy to sew on a patch.

3. How long will Live Spot last on a lame?
Live Spot is estimated to last several months of use with practice 2-3 times a week. A new sticker can always be placed to further prolong the lame’s life. The borders can also be sewed down to further prevent lifting of the edges.

4. Is Live Spot customizable in shape?
Yes! Cut Live Spot down to what ever size you need depending on the lame, or overlap the stickers for larger dead spots.

5. Can Live Spot be removed?
Yes, Live Spot can be removed by peeling with force. It does come off in one piece leaving no residue.

6. Can Live Spot be used to cover holes on conductive strips?
Yes! We have had armorers who reported using Live Spot for this exact purpose!

7. How long does shipping and handling take?
Up to 3 days handling and to you within a week of shipment.

8. How much is shipping?
$3.00 USD flat.

9. Do you ship worldwide?
Yes! Most common locations have currently been USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.


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